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Related article: Newsgroups: From: Date: Thu, 29 Sep 1994 02:42:04 UTC Subject: caught...(almost)I was in the locker room today after a workout when I was just sitting down on a bench dealing with a bloody nose. Anyways, this cute 15 year old walked by me and went into a stall. No big deal. He pulled his shorts down to his ankles and sat down. No big deal here.Then, a few seconds later, he lifted his feet off and slid his shorts off. Now this got my attention, since, fortunately, my bloody nose had stopped. Anyways, I sas watching him intently Since I'm practiced at this I noticed his feet going up and down and stiffening at times (just like me on my bed :). About 2/3 of the way through, I heard this rather loud groan (thank god the locker room was quiet and there was no one else) come from the stall. Now at this point, I decided to hop into the stall next to him and kind of pretend to do #2, as they say. Anyways, I sat down next to him, expecting him to tense up and , you know, stop what he was doing while I was there (so as not to be too obvious)... but he didn't. His feet kept moving and I heard him breathing heavily. A minute or so later, as he flushed, I quickly exited the stall lolipop cp and as he walked by, I unfortunately did not notice a hardon or anything, but I went back into his stall and noticed little droplets of cum on the toilet seat.Ah... what it was like to be that age (and what i'd have elweb loli given lolitta pic for a hole in the divider!).
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